broadcast all the things!

I've been teaching myself basic film-making and live-streaming skills in order to better share all of the things we create and to get funding for our projects. I'm currently working on a permanent hackerspace to hackerspace video portal with a single dial that let's spaces tune into each-other as well as documentation for an open source live streaming setup

cyber wizard institute live-streamed!


I provided live-streaming of the free two week Cyber Wizard Institute programming un-bootcamp held in sudo room using gear purchased with Real Vegan Cheese funds (from our last stretch goal). Talks are available on the Institute's YouTube channel. We had connectivity issues for the first few days so a few videos may need to be re-uploaded. Since we have yet to get our entire setup 100% operational we used a simple setup with a Sony HDR-PJ540 camcorder hooked up to a Teradek VidiU streaming over YouTube, which worked well enough.

counter culture labs crowdfunding video


I co-created the video TODO

real vegan cheese crowdfunding video


I co-created the video TODO

Do you know about all of the amazing libre talks available from the Chaos Computer Club?

Films are always a fiction, not documentary. Even a documentary is a kind of fiction.

-- Philip Seymour Hoffman